CCE Forms
  1. Approval form for Self Financed Short Term Events
  2. New event Account Opening Form
  3. Procedure for Online Payments through SBI Collect
  4. Advance for Short Term Events under CCE
  5. Sample of Certificate to be issued
  6. Event Evaluation Form
  7. Proforma for Overhead charges
  8. Form for Disbursement of Honorarium for Short Term Events
  9. Form for payment for purchase and reimbursement
  10. Statement of Accounts for Settlement of Temporary Advance
  11. Proforma for submission of accounts for conducted course
  12. Form for closure of Event Account
  13. Form of No Dues for issuing final Utilization Certificate & closure of course account
  14. Outreach Seminar Room Booking Form
  15. Sample MoU for organizing Training Programs
  16. Note File for approval of MoU by Competent Authority
  17. Form for approval of purchase between Rs. 50001/- to 250000/-